Monday, November 30, 2009

Stunning Adi Granov Tutorial: Combining traditional and Digital

Marvellous tutorial by Artist Adi Granov on ImagineFX

Adi says: "Modern computer programs such as Photoshop and Painter, and accessories like Wacom tablets, have made the world of digital art near boundless. However, there are certain limits even to these powerful tools. Although most techniques and textures can be effectively replicated digitally, the process of creating them is sometimes artificial, forced, and often unnecessarily time consuming when we consider that they are inherent and natural traits of the traditional materials. It is these natural traits that I strive to preserve in my own art while combining them with the limitless choices of digital colours. The digital tools also offer the luxury of experimenting without the fear of ruining precious artwork.

In this tutorial I will explain the technique which has, over many years of trial and error, evolved into a very effective method for creating painted illustrations through the digital colouring of traditional artwork. This technique preserves all the textures and analogue feel of the original artwork.

I like to keep my technique simple and straightforward and rely on my skills and artistic choices, rather than tools, to dictate the outcome. As you will see from the tutorial, I tend to stay away from most of the advanced options of Photoshop and stick with the more basic features. This not only keeps the process streamlined, but it also sets certain limitations on the tools that preserve the purity and spontaneity which can often be lost in overworking.

While the technique is advanced and requires strong understanding of light, shadow and colour, it only requires moderate knowledge of Photoshop."

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